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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 19, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a little falling over and it is starting to work its way down. 41 and 52 in antioch, san jose, a couple of 30s and 40s in between, skies are clear and it looks good to go, sunny and warm, cool morning lots of sun and today temperatures 60s and 70s, and if you enjoyed yesterday, you will love today. >> all right, good morning, steve, we are off to the traffic world as well and we are on the move for the east shore freeway as you head out to the mcarthur maze heading out to the bay bridge toll plaza and your drive time from oakland to san francisco right now is less than 10 minutes from the toll plaza all the way to the san francisco exists. as you look at 580 westbound, traffic here is not all that bad and not even on the pass,
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these areas obviously get crowded later on but it is an opportunity to cross the bum bart -- dumbarton, let's go back to the desk. we begin with a long standoff in pacifica. a man shot and stabbed an officer. this was the dramatic scene the s.w.a.t. team used a flash grenade to try to get the man to leave the home but the mentally unstable man refused to leave. he stabbed one officer when the s.w.a.t. team made its way inside. the injured officer is expected to survive. they are gathering reaction and we will have more in our next half hour. we have new developments in the push for raising the minimum wage in the bay area.
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they are one step closer to have having the high -- having the highest minimum wage and some people's pay will go up, good morning, alex. last night the council moved ahead with the proposal to increase the minimum wage by more than $3 over the next three years. the current minimum wage stands over $3 an hour and it's to increment men -- incrementally should be moved to the next half hour. they will put a wage hike to a vote. they decided it was time to act for low wageworkers who often struggle to get by and it will deter companies from setting up
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and they view this as beneficial to the economy. increasing the minimum wage will boost the economy because when people have more money to spend they will spend it in your store. >> reporter: this is what will happen if minimum wage does go up, right now san francisco has the highest san jose is right behind that $10.15 and oakland $8 per hour same as it is here in richmond. final passage increase is expected to happen at a meeting next month. live this morning in in richmond ktvu channel 2 morning news. now this is what was going on before the minimum wage vote. there were some unexpected fireworks at some other richmond city council meeting. he accused union workers of
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disrupting a public comment session when people spoke in support of chevron's to upgrade the richmond refinery. they resumed a short time later. they threw its support behind how much landlords can raise improvements to their property. they will not be allowed to raise rents to pass on any cost of improvement. tenants have complained about pushing people out of rent controlled apartments and they are ratifying that deal in the coming weeks. the fire started at 9:00 last night at a three story house on monterey boulevard in san francisco. crews contained a three-alarm fire with the red cross
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hospital and they have offered to shelter the people and 6 pets were also living there. a man accused of gunning down his wife is due in court on a murder charge. we broke that story, he surrendered to police sunday night after a four day manhunt. the couple's 14-year-old daughter found the body of her mother and she and her 8-year- old sister are now in protective custody and the family had a history of violence. he is accused of running down the police. he is charged with using a deadly weapon against a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon. he ended with a police officer being shot in the arm and it is
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still not clear who fired that shot. he is not charged with that shooting but today's court appearance is to set a date for a preliminary hearing. continuing coverage of a television news that killed two people. it made an unusual sound before the crash. it is 50 feet from the space needle. they had stopped to review when it may have clipped the building. >> walking right up the street and it right rally came falling out of the school sky. it exploded into flames one man was taken to the hospital with burns covering at least 50% of his body. we are learning more about the
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two people killed in that crash. it was the helicopter's pilot and the pilot has been identified as gary, the photographer and bill who had worked at the newsroom since 1979 and worked back in 2008 and continued to freelance for the station. >> my heart was shredded, he was somebody i had worked with for 30 years, somebody who was an extraordinary photo -- extraordinary photojournalist, a passionate guy, great friend -- >> they say he had a great spirit and a love for flying. >> i know for a fact gary was doing everything he could to gain control of that aircraft. >> they say it's very difficult to cover a story that is hitting so close to home. it could be months before they
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determine the cause of the crash. back here federal and local authorities, police and fbi agents deaccepted on a house -- descended near a house near bancroft. they detained 8 minute after -- men after finding marijuana. it was part of a crackdown involving illegal weapons and narcotics. it. it is one of the largest child pornography rings ever. it had 27,000 members around the world. also known as michael go, they have identified 250 of the
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victims. >> the majority of the victims of these heinous crimes were between the ages of 13 and 15 and two victims under the ages of three. >> the young boys were coerced into posting sexual images online by men posing as first. they plan to use social media and the department plans on sending more and that includes residential and they plan on putting mugshots on twitter pages and they can put photos of prostitutes on those pages as well. an officer involved shooting in san lorenzo, it happened yesterday. just before the shooting a man head them through a short chase
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after they tried pulling him over for a traffic violates. >> based on what i heard by witnesses, he shot at the vehicle and it looks as though the suspect moved his vehicle in the direction of the deputy. >> the sheriff's department said the deputy fired two shots, one hit the driver of the car in the arm and he was taken to the hospital. as standard procedure, he is on paid leaf and they are the highest in the in companies. but accord being to a a survey, they have visa and linked in tied for 6th, yahoo, twitter
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and want mart tied for 9th dark wal-mart tied for 9th at $20,000 a year. it is the time they are under investigation and it is not the first year. and the missing male layer -- malaysia. we are looking at a commute that still looks pretty good. >> we will show you how others are doing and if you enjoyed lower 70s, we'll see if we have more of that. coming up.
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. welcome back. the russian military is joining with self-defense forces and they are raising the russian flag. this follow is the treaty by russian president vladimir puntin to leave ukraine and join russia. they are meeting -- vice- president joseph biden said russia is on the wrong path. >> the path they have placed themselves on does nothing to help the next generation of russians succeed which is led by the most dynamic economies. >> reporter: they were attacked by men in armed masks. they reported sightings of the missing plane. some people a remote island
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chain said they saw a jumbo jet flying low after the malaysia airliner went missing . so low they could see the doors. >> i could confirm that chief of defense have contacted those who have confirmed that these reports are not true. >> meanwhile they say radar picked up an unidentified plane after the trans ponder signal was lost. somebody in the cockpit had ended communications with air traffic control but it was erased from the simulator which was removed from the pilot's home.
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a heartbreaking scene, a mother of one of the passengers cried in desperation. family members of some of the 239 passengers on board have grown so frustrated they are going on a hunger strike. they accused the government of mismanaging the crisis. a san francisco woman is under arrest for trespassing at fso. she was taken into custody and this is not the first time she was arrested for trespassing at the airport. on four different occasions, she was arrested for attempting to board without a boarding pass and has been ordered to stay without the airport unless she has a ticket to fly. 4:47 computers that help mechanics fix cars and can reveal more information about the owners and this drivers. mechanics need information about how fast a cargoes so they can do their job.
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the state senator says privacy can become an issue and it also can be sold to other businesses. >> now they can determine where you stopped for gasoline, what restaurants you were there for and there is a boon to access this data without our knowledge or authority. >> and they say this is not about privacy or security, it is about who can make money off the information and that's expected to grow as more cars are expected to be out all the time. it could be interesting if you could get data from traffic. >> well, maybe you don't want that data. speaking of which, there was just a stop in contra costa valley a couple of vehicles that were racing, chp does not
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look kindly on that. traffic is moving along nicely, also looking at interstate 880 in oakland and there are no major problems on 580 either. if you are driving on fremont let's go to steve. good morning everybody, clear skies, another hoe him nice day, and boy it's just nice and we cool off at night and a lot of nice pressure in charge, by the coast sunny, 70s inland and it is all really nice, a little cool for some, i could sure use some next week.
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thought they are watching us. 030s and 40s and 50s to half- moon bay. that is a far cry from yesterday when were held up. it will be breezy for some but it is just in areas may be favoring some of the usual suspects but overall, a cool morning for some. 36 is cold, breezy 70s and 60s, do i have the floor panel? yes, i do. i showed those temperatures twice. san rafael 73, novato 74, walnut creek livermore danville and oakland downtown, a beautiful 72. that is the spirit 70 and 73 in
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mountain view. maybe a few patchy fog and maybe it is good to go in -- into your area. and one deal they are hoping to bring in more glass users. >> a disabled teen takes his wish to the oval office, his meeting with president barack obama and his idea for a new branch of the military.
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. prosecutors say patrick william brennan intentionally set more than a dozen fires during a five-day period in january. that includes a massive fire that destroyed a huge warehouse brennan has a history of setting fires in areas as far away as the grand canyon. now they helped to put brennan behind bars. it helped those who provided information with home video that helps track him down and they are looking at a new way to tackle the city's homeless
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problem. last night they unanimously are helping them with shelter in hotels. there is simply not enough homeless shelters to take in the large number of people living on the street. >> this is a very cost effective way to get homeless housed in a transitional way far less cost and how will they keep the place should something go wrong, others will be taking care of that action. >> now council members say that they will keep those concerns in mind as they look for hotels and motels willing to take in the homeless and the program could begin as early as this summer. one san francisco hotel is opening its doors to google glass. they are offering free cocktails to anybody wearing google glass and it is a glass friendly place. it is believed to be the first
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one to people wearing the device. they have actually banned the use of google glass over privacy concerns in the camera. san francisco supervisors are unveiling a plan to pay for graffiti damage. graffiti costed taxpayers 90 million a year and now building owners are held responsible for cleaning their walls. they will help recover some of the cost and it will ban some of the items used from muni buses and city parks. >> fremont police are following a recent home on cherry wood avenue. it was one of six break-ins with four happening in the afternoon and officers are not sure if they are responsible for some or all of them. a 94-year-old san ramon
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woman remains in critical condition this morning. she is only alive thanks to three teenage boys. news chopper two showed us a house on scarboro. they immediately rushed into the house to pull the woman out. >> as we were carrying her out, she said she was burning and i just kept telling her, you are not burn being, you are not burning. >> the three high school heroes were praised for helping them. but they could get detention and hopefully not. john was born with spinal muscular atrophy. he has the muscle strength of just a six-year-old he is in the r ot c program and his make a wish request was to tell him
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about an idea to tell him about it. now he said he got to meet with the president for 10 minutes in the oval office and he said the president seemed are interested in -- seemed interested in his idea. a dramatic show of deadly force. and the extra water we now have could help farmers. things are beginning to slow down around the bay area northbound in san jose looks good but we will look at freeways beginning to show signs of slowing. we can blame old man winter and he has been hanging out and
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we'll see if there are any changes on that -- changes on this last day.
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. this is the reason they were forced to kill a man who
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barricaded himself inside the home. and what a man was accused of doing right before he opened fire. and the city of richmond could have the highest minimum wage, we will tell you about the vote and what it should mean for workers. and landlord, what they would not be allowed to do when supported by both city officials and owners. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. . live in pacifica where police stabbed a man before he was shot and killed. new details we are learning about the long standoff coming


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